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Environmental Policy

Linney Cooper's Environmental Policy

Ensuring the company contributes to positive impact on the environment is very important to Linney Cooper Ltd. We are committed to a sustainable future and aim to achieve this by improving the social, economic, and environmental well-being of the global community.


For several years, we have considered our environmental impacts and how we can adapt to make them less harmful to the environment and society.

Linney Cooper has been actively engaged in recycling and implementing waste mitigation programmes where practical. As a result, we are pleased to say that as a company we are achieving a diversion from landfill percentage of 99.3% - a figure we are constantly trying to improve upon.

The efforts of the Linney Cooper team have been acknowledged within the flooring industry and have been awarded a highly commended award in the “Take-Back” category of the Carpet Recycling UK annual awards both in 2015 and 2016.

In 2016, our Operations Manager was invited to present to the annual meeting of Carpet Recycling UK, outlining how recycling and waste management can benefit a company as well as being crucial to the environment.

More recently Linney Cooper has intensified our company commitment to environmental management by having the company’s environmental management system audited against an environmental standard. As a result, in April 2017 Linney Cooper was awarded BS8555 Phase 5.

Further to the company’s commitment to managing our environmental impacts, we will issue an annual summary of our achievements which will be included in this prospectus and reviewed prior to our external environmental management system (EMS) audit.


  • As a company, we are achieving 99.3% diversion from landfill
  • We recycle all our plastic, metal, and paper/cardboard which is collected by our waste management company
  • Using a high proportion of natural sustainable materials to manufacture our carpets
  • In use, our carpets are created for long life reducing the extraction of raw materials and reduce disposal
  • We always endeavour to restore and repair carpets and flooring, rather than instantly replacing and disposing of items
  • We have partnered with Anglo Recycling who have developed a method of deconstructing carpet off-cuts and combine them with jute to create a felt material used for flooring underlay
  • We had a photo-voltaic array installed on our warehouse roof to monitor energy use. After a few amendments we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 8.84 tonnes
  • Manufacturing processes are continually developed & re-engineered to reduce and control energy & water usage, emissions, waste and impact to the local community
  • We source and design carpets and flooring from suppliers where environmental standards are well controlled and certified
  • Our flooring samples are despatched within cardboard and paper packaging
  • We have a limit of only 5 samples to be ordered at once to reduce wastefulness and insist on all samples being returned to us to be used again
  • Use effective route planning to save on fuel and vehicle emissions
  • Maintain all vehicles including tyre pressures to ensure their optimum performance saving fuel, emissions & reduce wastage
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations, and approved codes of practice


  • Seren Scheme BS8555 Phase 5
  • Constructionline Gold Member
  • Constructionline Silver Member
  • CHAS Premier
  • Acclaim Accreditation
  • QMS ISO 9001

Linney Cooper welcome input from packaging companies and industry experts who have help us to further understand best practices on sustainability as we seek to continue to lower our carbon footprint by investing in greener materials and processes.