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Amtico Cleaning Guide

As a recommended specialised retailer & supplier of Amtico Flooring, we have compiled a cleaning maintenance guide for our customers.

Cleaning Amtico Flooring

After Installation

Specialised Flooring Installation Linney Cooper

It's recommended to properly care for your new Amtico flooring as soon as it's been fitted to ensure it continues to look its best:

  • After it's been installed, the floor should be clean and free from adhesive residues. Let the adhesive dry for at least 24 hours before washing the floor or replacing furniture.
  • Amtico Stripper can be used to remove traces of adhesive.
  • Ensure your furniture is lifted when being moved instead of dragged and is placed down with care.
  • The feet of moveable furniture such as tables and chairs can be applied with felt pads to minimise the chance of scratching.
  • Furniture or castor cups can be used to help spread the weight to avoid indentations with relatively heavy items.
  • It's also important for the floor to be protected when moving fridge freezers, washing machines or other heavy items.
  • To reduce dirt and dirt being walked in, add a mat at the entrance that is compatible with PVC flooring.

Regular Maintenance

Brush Flooring Amtico
  • Although LVT is a low maintenance product and doesn't require a lot of maintenance, it is recommended to dust or sweep with a soft brush day-to-day and damp mopping the floor weekly.
  • It's best to use Amtico Maintainer (diluted as mentions in the instructions) with a standard string mop and wringer bucket when damp mopping. (This can be purchased from Linney Cooper's showroom in Rhos)
  • Ensure the mop is rinses and wringed frequently.

Spot Cleaning

Cleaning LVT Amtico
  • If any spillages occur then wipe them up immediately using Amtico Spillage Remover (This can be purchased from Linney Cooper's showroom in Rhos).
  • The Spillage Remover can also be used to remove light scruffs and abrasion marks with a non abrasive cleaning pad.
  • Be mindful when using glass or furniture polish with silicone spray as it can make surfaces slippery.

Periodic Deep Cleaning

Mopping LVT

When it's time to deep clean your flooring we recommend using the Amtico Stripper Solution to ensure a deep penetration into the surface. Leave it to sit for 10 minutes after a thorough mopping and then agitate the solution with the mop or a soft brush. Give the floor another quick clean mop with fresh water to leave your floor looking brand new.

Restoring & Protecting

Amtico Cleaning Kit

Protect your new floors and restore older ones with the use of Amtico Dressing.

This acts as an extra protective layer which is helpful to make regular cleaning easier and is available in a Satin or Matt finish.

It is designed to be stripped periodically at which time minor marks and scruffs contained within the dressing will also be removed.

If you require any further information on cleaning and maintaining your Amtico flooring, please visit

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