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We've started our company fleet transformation

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Updating our Vans

Due to our new branding and updated logo, we are now in the process of revamping our company fleet. This will be the third brand revamp we've had at Linney Cooper.

The Evolution of our vans through the years

1989 - Old Van

Linney Cooper's first branded van was right back when the company first started in 1964.

The company colours were yellow, light green and dark green in the shape of long, smooth lines representing the laying of flooring.

Linney Cooper Carpet Consultants Van

Linney Cooper updated their branding almost 40 years later in 2002, swapping the yellow and greens to more modern shades of blue with the logo symbolising a carpet tuft of yarn.

The Royal Warrants were also added to the van signage since the company supplies and installs carpets and flooring to Her Majesty The Queen and HRH The Prince of Wales.

Todays van LC

Now in 2021, Linney Cooper have revamped their branding for the third time to navy blue and copper, representing our current global recognition of supplying and installing high quality flooring within the industry.

The copper emblem now symbolises the renowned Wilton loom.

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